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Make a Difference Removing Unwanted Tattoos

Recently our editor watched and testified about a program wherein ex cons demonstrated desperaion for a change and were grateful to a laser specialist who removed their tattoos which brought them bad memories. They testified that since they had changed, the tattoos they had were no longer their choice.   They stated they felt such tattoos hindered their progress in their quest for a job.   Tattoo removal is the one laser that is most recommened in society.   People change their lives and most feel that their tattoos must change with them.

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APPLICATION 1) Tattoo removal 2) Eyebrow embroidery removal
3) Eyeline removal 4) Freckles removal  
5) Skin rejuvenation
wavelength 1064 & 532nm
Pulse energy scope 532 nm 0-300mj1064 nm 0-800mj
Energy output 600W
Width of Pulse(pulse duration) 0-10ns
Repetition rate (pulse rate) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (adjustable 0.5-3)Hz
Light spot 1-7mm
Power supply: 220V, 6A or 110V, 12A
Cooling System Air & Close Water Circuitlation & Treatment head with semiconductor cooling temperature adjustable
Packing method Aluminum Packing
Weight N.W:8kg G.W:20kg
size 50CM*40CM*30CM/Machine size55CM*45CM*39cm/Aluminum box


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