We are an American company who has sifted through the good, the bad and the ugly within the beauty & cosmetics manufacturing & technology world. We compete against the moguls within the industry for pennies on each thousand dollar!

We yearn to pass on the rewards and watch our partners flourish. Our effective overseas communication portal has provided the gateway of our results.  If you need more information on any one of our machines, please complete our form and or just contact us. We pride ourselves in offering our quality machines while extending business to business services in helping set our partners up in all venues. We are in business since 2006 due to observations on the baby boomer market.

Statistics show an influx of younger generations following suit. Various ages are demonstrating interest in cosmetic correction but are avoiding invasive surgery.

We are not just ‘Solutions for Beauty’; we provide solutions for beauty businesses and supplements for internal remedies. We enjoy taking businesses by the hand and consulting with them on ‘HOW TO’ get plugged into today’s market. We provide advertising assistance ie Groupons, etc. Need a lease, no problem. If we cannot provide services, we figure out a way to help lead you in the right direction. We pride ourselves in exceptional timing and clarity. You see, we don’t just sell machines; we sell a business opportunity and offer solution needs. If there is something we cannot do to help your business, we would try our best to guide you to the proper source. We care and are always there for you.

Let us assist your business today! SE HABLA ESPAÑOL.

IPL Hair removal must not be used on dark skin people because the light cannot differentiates between the dark hair and your skin. Best to use a Diode hair removal (laser) on darker skin. We have diverse machines for diverse treatment specialties.
BEAUTY STORE – YOUR WHOLESALE PRICES FORT THE LATEST MACHINES (if not available to USA residents we can redirect you).
Enjoy financial freedom as you launch beauty treatment services at affordable prices.

SKIN RESURFACING offers impressive results – diminished wrinkles, lines, acne scars, hyperpig-mentation and other skin irregularities. Ask about our Super Hair Removal, Fractional Photothermolysis and other fine machines.
WELLNESS Practice eating well, learning about herbal remedies and refraining from unnatural intakes including cigarettes will stretch your beauty years…. email us at SolutionsForBeauty at gmail com for our Skype info or FaceBook us here!  See Article HERE

… to support Human causes:

1. Sexually trafficked children in India 2. Hungry AND water needy children worldwide 3. Acquire our own orphanage or support and strengthen an existing ones.  Join us by budgeting and providing stunning services through your business while enabling us to share our success with world needs.


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  • We provide more economical non FDA for overseas but also carry FDA certified machines for USA clients.

… Read & Learn about competitors

  1. See our  HIFU ULTRASOUND FACE LIFT which competes against household brand name ‘Thermage’: CLICK HERE and scroll to Page 3 regarding a comparison (and and even RF machines); carefully review our information and dare to compare.
  2. Compare our 808 others including Luminis or Alma.  Better than Alma Laser and Soprano Ice“.  See our comparison HERE.